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Flameless Candles – Toxin Free Ambiance


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People come to your spa to reduce stress and improve their health. So, why would you enclose them in a room to relax and breathe hazardous, toxic, and carcinogenic chemicals from burning candles? Recent testing by the Environmental Protection Agency and The American Lung Association confirms that paraffin, used in most candles, contains at least 20 dangerous chemicals, including toluene, benzene and formaldehyde, which releases harmful toxins and black soot upon burning. These toxins are as harmful to our health as second-hand tobacco smoke. The possible impacts of scented candles can include increased risk of cancer, neurological and behavioral deficits and acute aggravation of existing respiratory diseases such as asthma. Emissions have been determined to continue for up to 10 hours even after extinguishing a candle. As the leader in flameless LED lighting we believe in a pure holistic approach and have created rechargeable and battery operated candles that look just like the real thing but without any of the health hazards. With our high quality products your clients will never know the difference.wax-pillar-led-candle-4-set.jpg

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